Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week 5 Growing Like... Chickens

Today is kind of chilly around here, but I spent some time outside watching Chick TV. That sounds kind of weird. So is this weather. The chicks are five weeks old now. Remember when we put them in their outdoor world and they escaped through the wire so I had to put up the plastic to slow them down?

They aren't doing that so much anymore. Look at these monsters!

Who are you calling a monster? We see you woman.
Yes, I see you too Roo. In my dinner.

Never mind.

Buff butt and the Crows staying in the sun out of the breeze.

A couple of days ago, because the chicks are living on a grass lot, I decided they needed a pile of dirt to dig in and take their baths. I found an old number 2 wash tub and got a bucket of dirt to dump in it. Originally, I had put it on the side of the enclosure that had the least chance of rain blowing in on it. But today  it is kind of chilly so I moved it over into the sun. I also added some weeds that had bugs and small worms in it. One of the grey birds jumped right in and started scratching around.

One of the more distinct Lakenvelder type roosters was the first that I saw to use the tub as a bath. One of the other white birds and a couple of the grey ones were using it when I went to get the camera. When I got back these three were in it. I really haven't seen the black birds use it at all. They might just be shy.

They do enjoy the sun though.

 Another remember when.
Skinny little baby birds.

Are all big kids now.
And they have weeks to go before being full grown.

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