Monday, April 08, 2013

House Work on Spring Break

Lots of changes at the house in Georgia. I hope someone likes them as much as we do.
At Christmas the front porch was redone, but the steps and paint waited until this week.

The back deck didn't have hand rails on this side and most of the rest was in need of repair.
So that all got done.

The whole thing looks very fresh.

The sun room has lots of sun and space. 

The spare bedroom has lots more space without the big furniture.

The second spare room is ready for a piano concert in Oz. 

The garage shop/storage room is looking good. 

The garage has lost some stuff.
Our truck cover, ladder, and cooler will leave even more space.

The bathroom lights look really nice with the new paint and polished counter top.
This odd window has since had a rice paper film added so that this picture will not be possible in the future.
That makes everyone happy.
Many thanks to Aunt and Uncle and Brother.
We carried on with your motivation and hope it all pays off.
Now we all need a nap.

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