Friday, February 15, 2008

Making stuff in 2008, Finally

Hi Everyone!
We are here and have been busy. Bill's school year is going okay. The kids are respectful most of the time and seem to appreciate him as much as possible for being a math teacher. He is fitting in well with the other teachers and administration. I send sweets up every now and then to remind them I am here. LOL it is all good. I like to bake these novelty type things and this month has Valentine's Day so I sent some cookies.
You may have seen them in a Pillsbury ad recently. Sugar cookies dipped in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Easy to hold without getting sticky while you enjoy the just right amount of chocolate. They were all supposed to have the red sugar sprinkles, but I forgot to put them on until the last batch was going in the oven and they don't stick afterwards so most of the cookies just did without. I left a few a that batch without chocolate for anyone that wanted to pretend they were being good - "could have been worse I didn't have a chocolate cookie" LOL. I tooks some to my office too, they were gone by 9am.
Bill has been busy making his own stuff. I might have told you he got this new metal cut off saw for Christmas, well it throws a lot of sparks so I asked him to build something he could set it on and shoot the sparks out the garage door instead of at the wooden benchtop.
This is the result. He used some of the old bedrail metal he got as scrap from the university and made himself a rolling table. Unfortunately the rails drew up some from the heat as he was welding the top plate on, but it still works very nicely for the intended purpose. It has lots of potential for his projects. The table is very sturdy and the height is above a normal bench top so there is less stooping over to deal with too.
So that is what we have been Making lately. I am also working on making less of myself available to the universe. That story is over at my other blog, Progress. The link is on the right. Later!