Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Invisible Blueberry of NC

So I spent a Saturday hour at a Blueberry Festival in Ammon, NC.
That is how long it took. An hour to walk around. Most of that time spent talking to the community center lady, she didn't recognize me so we had to talk. I guess I was the only one there from outside the community.
I told her I was disappointed that there wasn't a blueberry in sight unless you count the ones in the water colors that were for sale.
No blueberry theme decorations, no pie eating contests, no muffins at the church stands, in fact no food at the church stands past 1:15. Having grown up with the Dutch Festival's over laden tables - no food at a church stand was a shocker!!
No carnival with chances to win $14 tigers, but those games are rigged anyway.
I was a little disappointed if you can't tell.
The pictures I took are pretty poor, but I barely remembered to take any as I was leaving.
Here is a picture of the festival.

They had a car/tractor/old engine show. Had to combine it to have something to show I guess.

It was something to do. This weekend hasn't offered any adventures so far either. Good news is I will be heading home in a few days, which is actually two weeks early. I will be moving on to another contract. Still have the potential for travel, so we will see where I go next if anywhere.