Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Midwest Vacation

Latest trip was for personal reasons. My Vande Berg family all collected in Orange City, Iowa for Grandma Jen's 90th birthday party. We did pretty good, all but 2 of our cousins made it to the reunion. Jenny was happy to see everyone and we were all glad to be able to visit with her a little bit.

Here you can see Bill and I, my mom Kae, my brother David, and sister Kim. This spur of the moment picture turned out a bit better than some of those we have paid for in the past. Except that Steve (Kim's husband) is missing of course, he was coaching some winners at the Nationals that weekend.

The luck of the birthday party timing put us there during the Tulip Festival. The court house is a pretty building with a nice bed of tulips out front.

Later after one of the parades I caught a bunch of the children still in costume playing on the court house lawn. The city is very authentic about how they do this parade. Lots of people in costume even in some of the businesses.

After a few days in NW Iowa we headed back to Kim's to have lunch with her and Steve before moving on to Missouri to visit some friends.

Billy and I rode in Mom's van while David and Mom followed us in his van.

I will have to add some more to this later.
Bye for now.