Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fixing the "New" Truck

Wow, that was odd.

I got my blogs backwards and posted this information to the other one. Might be a sign of something, not sure what, but probably something.

Anyway, Bill has been working on his truck and finally got it to a point I could take pictures. Unfortunatly, I decided to do this when it started raining, but that is a good thing. We have needed rain for about 2 months now. That explains the streaks in the picture anyway.

The flat bed went on pretty well. He cleaned up the frame of the truck and the new bed and then sprayed them with rubberized underbody paint.
He also removed the front bumper and straightened it out.
The roof of the cab had some rust and was actually leaking in a spot so he sanded that off and fixed it. Then he sanded a bunch of other rough spots and painted the whole thing a nice Wal-Mart blue. It could use another $4 coat of paint, but it looks better than it did with the blue camoflage mess he had.
This is just the beginning of the rain. We got about an inch the first day and it looks like we will get at least another inch today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow too I think.
The ponds were all just about empty. Our spring was the only reliable source of open water left on the property.
The wells have all been fine so that was good, but it is great to be getting some rain.
Have a great Weekend.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Calendar Says it is Fall

You couldn't tell it is Fall by the weather we have had lately. Warmest temperatures in recorded history according to the weather man. Kind of goes along with the lack of rain we have had. Barely able to remember when it rained last, can count about 4 times of measurable rain since June.

Billy and I haven't been doing much lately. He bought a new bed for his truck, nice metal flat bed. I will put some pictures of it on here when he gets it installed, should be this weekend. In the meantime here are some views of why the bed needs replaced.

The tail light was removed on purpose, but it was held in with a wire contraption. You might notice the excessive bondo around the wheel well.

This is the inside of that wheel well and more bondo on the other side.

I have been walk/running quite a bit. There has been visible success, my clothes fit better and I am feeling a lot better. I think the first step to my change has been returning to an office of healthier people, that other office was crowded with less healthy people.

We went out on Bluestone Lake this weekend. Keith wanted to winterize his pontoon boat and it seemed like a good time to go out, sunny and 85 degrees. Since it is October and shouldn't be warm enough to be out on the water the lake wasn't real busy.

We went out with Keith and Carmen and some kids of a friend. First we headed up to Bull Falls, the water got pretty shallow there so we turned back and went back to the dam.

Every one had a good time, and yes it really was warm enough to swim.

I hope you have been having as much fun!