Monday, April 25, 2011

Georgia 2011

So do you think Mom checks my blog when she is working while we are at her house?
Happy Birthday.

No, she is not expecting this today. We weren't either.
Funny how hanging a simple door gets difficult when the hinges are wrong.
Good news, the house is well constructed under the door frame.
There are more changes to show you later.
I need to go hold a level or something.

I am back and here is the completion of the door and some of our other projects.

It turned out great.
The main purpose for the new door was to let in some light. 
If you have been there, you know this is a great improvement over the previous solid door.
Another project was replacing both toilets and putting wainscoting up in the bathroom. 
I didn't think you wanted to see All those details.
We did get the water miser version.

We also put up guttering on the back of the house. Again.
It used to be there. Then the roofers took it down at Mom's request.
They didn't put drip edge on that was dumb.
So now we have replaced the guttering.

Now after all of that we are on our way out for dinner.
It is our 20th Anniversary and Mom's Birthday this week.