Monday, November 12, 2007

Back to Georgia

We went to visit Mom for the weekend. It was a very calm trip. Billy wanted to go to a hardware store in Madison to get some chainsaw oil that he can't get up here. Then we went to an antique mall and looked at things we couldn't bring home. Well, I did get one thing can't tell you though it is going to be a present - funny though - looking at antiques and buy a $3 thing made in China.
On the way back to Mom's we saw lots of people heading toward Athens for the UGA - Auburn football game. I tried to get a picture of a funny fan bus that we saw, but missed it. Instead we stopped at this metal art store. Turns out a lot of the stuff was made in other countries.

The mixture of art on a wall was pretty cool though...

and this fish tree was fun.

Remember the pig on the roof from July?
This is a covered wagon next to the BBQ place under that roof. I forgot what it is called, the BBQ is pretty good though.
Other than that Billy installed an AC/Heater unit in the sunroom and then found out there was no outlet. He will be moving it to the other window at Christmas. He also changed a couple of lightbulbs and got lots of papers graded.
I managed to be there when the remote quit working on TV2. Now she has to go into the bedroom TV to turn the channel. Yeah Me!
We also went to Lowes and spent waaayyy to much money. That was our trip to GA. Later!