Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Are On The Map - Sort Of Anyway

Finally after 15 years, the state of West Virginia, county of Mercer has decided that we should have a name for our road. No more giving directions like x miles from the stop light and left at the grey house to our friends and rescue squads. Now we can tell them Straw Court and they will say - Where? Well, when they update the maps maybe it will be better. Until then, at least we can have signs to help. I might even get the UPS and Fedex drivers to deliver to my house now.

Up the road in my triangle garden the Asiatic Lilies have taken over. They do a wonderful job of keeping the weeds down in that bed - for the most part anyway, don't look too close. When they loose their flowers the Yarrow in the middle should be blooming.
I just think that the lilies are really pretty. I am having an okay flower season.
The frog is protecting daisies this year. They aren't in very good shape right now, I might need to do something to get rid of some bugs. Too bad the frog can't eat them!
The rest of my gardening is not in too good of shape either. I missed the best planting times due to rain and frost. All I got in were a few tomatoes, a couple of squash, and a watermelon. The rest of the garden is covered in black plastic. I am trying to keep from having to mow down the weeds all summer.
I am also hoping that the heat under the plastic will kill the weed seeds and maybe the worms will go deeper and stir up the dirt some. Might be too dry for them though. Either way, I won't be mowing weeds in the garden. The grass has enough of them for me! That is all for now. Vacation is coming!