Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Return to Georgia

I made it back home again and survived Billy's Graduation so now I have time to send out some updates.

First let's look at my second trip to Georgia.
Most weekends were spent doing not too much of anything, but Thanksgiving weekend was included in this trip and I had some visitors. Mom came down to see Paula Deen and Billy came down to see the alligators. LOL I was just there to show them around.

On Thanksgiving Day we went for lunch at Lady and Sons. We showed up about 15 minutes before the seating time and managed to get a table. Some people had been there for a couple of hours just to make sure they got a table. We got lucky on our timing. The food was wonderful, but we should have eaten more when we got the bill. It was fun though. We also went down to the river front and walked around some. Not all of the shops were open, but it wasn't crowded either so that was nice.

We went out to the animal preserve looking for gators and saw lots of turtles. There was a whole family of them getting some sun on some reeds in one location and a few others hanging around in a quiet pond.

There were a few alligators out there though. We never saw any really big ones, but this one might have done enough damage if he wanted to.

We also went to the beach on Tybee Island one afternoon. Here Mom and Billy are looking for sea shells.

We had a pretty good time for the rest of the weekend. Did some shopping and relaxed a bit.

Once I got home I had a week to get the house ready for Billy's graduation party. I will post that story next time.