Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Project 2017 part 2 The Goat House

 Continuing the Summer of Painting Project

As shown in the last posting, I had an audience when I was painting the goat hay barn.
The next project was the goat house in this picture.

I tried to do something odd with this project and I pretty much succeeded. 
I wanted to make the building three-tones of pink. 
I did, sort of, but I won't try that again.
Even more odd, I started with the left over green paint from the hay barn.
I added the pink to it.

I also got out the paint sprayer.
I haven't done that again either. 
Painting did go much quicker.
Paint also went on much thicker.
Clean up took as long as the painting process.
Like I said, not doing that again, especially on a small building.

So, the pink added to the green is the lower dark band on the building.

Then I added another bucket of another shade of pink.
That is the middle lighter band in the above picture.

Then I added another bucket of another shade of pink.
That is the hot pink that took over the top layer and most of the door side.

I really didn't know how to use the sprayer and ended up brushing a lot of this just to get the paint spread around like it should have been. Then I would see a big drip in the wrong section and end up brushing a lot to get the color evened out. 
The door end and overhang are pretty high up too. I should have painted the rafters, but had made such a mess of everything with the sprayer I gave up on it. 

In the end. It looks sort of crazy, but it is painted, mostly.
Our niece (to be) saw the buildings and said they were Cosmo and Wanda.

I didn't know what that meant, but now I do.
She was right. HA!

There is one thing about it though.
Those buildings may be painted some crazy colors, 
but this is what I can see of them from my front porch.

They are over there, if you look really close. 
The nephews have a much better view than we do.

Summer Project 2017 part 1 The Goat Hay Barn

The summer of 2017 is turning out to be pretty productive around the farm.
Since we are both home everyday now until school starts again we decided to get some painting done on all of these farm buildings that FabHub has built over the years. 

FabHub and his brother decided to paint the big barns and I chose to paint our little ones.
I have collected colorful mistinted paint for years for various projects around the yard, but mostly I didn't care if it was interior or exterior, I just wanted color.

To do the barns we got more selective and wanted to go with only exterior paints.
The guys didn't care what color the paint was, they just wanted exterior paint that they could mix together and get some protection on the barns.

So, several months ago I started keeping an eye out for the mistints at Lowe's while I was working there. The problem was that it was winter time. Not much exterior painting going on when I started looking for it. That changed as we got closer to spring though.

Some of these below are my really old acquisitions and some are more current.

For my first project I decided to do the goat hay barn.

There was a lot of variety in colors to choose from in my paint supply, but I decided that the greens would be a good place to start.

Can you believe it? $9 each?
This is some very good paint.

This is what I found when I opened the cans.

Dumped them all in the bucket and I got this.

Stirred it up and I got this.

Put it on the hay barn and I got this.

I had an audience. They are standing in front of the next project.
The Goat House.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

New River Pembroke to Bluff City 2 July 2017

We went out on the New River today. 
Water was 3.69 at Glen Lynn.
Flow was 3010 cfm.

Lots of class I and II rolling rapids and a few slow spots. 
Below is what happened after one of the really good class II runs.
Everybody had to dump the river out of their rides.

Just three of us today. There was a note on a kayaking site about not parking down by the water at Bluff City. I think the area has been cleaned up and is used a lot more now than when that was entered. I wouldn't worry about it next time.