Sunday, May 20, 2007

Craft Time

In a return to the roots of this blog, pictures of things we have built or made, I decided to get a baseline for my current cross stitch projects. Since I am going to be here so long this time, I brought a couple of cross stitch patterns with me on this trip. I am showing the completion point as of today. I will hopefully be further along by the time I leave. Maybe with the goal of showing you some progress I will actually work on the pictures. I am a bit of a procrastinator on these things.

This first one is what I call the Birthday Bear. I started it in February 2007., minor procrastination at this point. It is one of those name/birth date/weight/length pictures. I hope to have a need for it one of these days.

This second picture provides a much clearer understanding of why I consider myself to be a procrastinator on these projects. It is a picture of a hunter with his beagle. I started this one while I was still in the Air Force. The date was sometime close to January 1994. I worked on it for a while during that summer after I moved to West Virginia. Then I put it away until sometime in 2005. Then I put it away again. We will see if I can get it done this year.

Wish me luck!

Friday, May 18, 2007

North Carolina 4

Hello from North Carolina... AGAIN!
This is my 4th trip down here. Life is like that sometimes. I have been here for a couple of weeks and will be for another 6 weeks. I plan on going home for Memorial Day and hope Billy can come down for a few days after school gets out. So it isn't a horrible situation. I might go home more often, but at $3 a gallon it is hard.

Last weekend one of the guys I am here with invited me to go along to the Special Ops Museum. I have mentioned the place before on this blog, but didn't have my camera along. This time I made sure to take pictures.
This is the building.

The museum has a lot of full size displays.
This one is a C46 cargo plane that was used to transport Paratroopers to their drop zone. There is a trooper in the door ready to go.

The displays cover every historical event that the Special Ops forces have been involved in. This is from the VietNam era.

There are displays for WWII in Europe and Japan along with many other locations. The equipement and mannequins are set up as realistically as possible. Even the "facilities" are included in one display.
Some of the more recently completed displays include Desert Storm and other actions from that area.
This weekend might include some more interesting places. There is a craft fair, an air show, and an Acorn Festival. I am planning on working on some crafts and my tan. Hey, cross stitch on the back patio! What more fun could there be? More later.