Monday, April 30, 2007

Positive Humor

The deed has been done!
The elementary school at which Billy is in his first semester of teaching math decided to have a fund raiser for their Positive Improvement program. The committee decided that if a couple of teachers would volunteer their hair for a week they could get the kids to buy 25 cent chances at deciding how to "fix" their teacher's hair. Mr Curry and Ms Davis volunteered to be the victims. Here is Billy's before picture. He usually wears a flat top style cut so you can imagine how much this mess has been bothering him for the last month. He even has Bangs!

The winner of the middle school contest decided that Billy needed to have a Mohawk with Virginia Tech initials etched in the sides.

And that the initials needed to be colored in the appropriate school colors.
And that the top should split in half to match those school colors too.
This is Billy and Vanessa, the girl who got to pick his hair style. She doesn't have him for math this year, but they will both be back next year.
Here we have Mr Curry and Ms Davis. Life should be interesting in the school halls for the next week. What a change from the long hair he started with today.

There is talk about Ms Davis trimming the sides off and making the top pink during Walk for Life. Mr Curry has even considered letting his go for a few days next week. Maybe with some different colors though. I will be on a business trip for a while so it won't bother me and the kids will really enjoy it.

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