Monday, November 14, 2011

Ready for Winter

Winter is coming so there are some thing that need to be done around the farm.
The goats have added a whole new layer of projects that need work.
One is finishing the goat house.
There is intention to get sawmill lumber siding put up on the walls.
Until that is ready I probably should get out there and put a coat of paint on it.
Another project has been this hay feeder.
Made out of old bed rails and cattle panel it holds a good amount of hay.
Saved us $$ from what they sell in the feed store. 
Sometimes I think FabHub wants the goats just so he can build stuff.
This time he got to weld!
The articles I have read say that goats prefer to reach up and get the hay.
That is Violet and Tulip showing that it works for them.
They are also picky about eating hay that has been laid on,
that is solved here too.

There is a bit of waste on the ground, but not as much as if we actually put the hay down.
They would eat what they wanted and then lay down on it to take a nap.
The roof of the building was built with an over hang to try and help keep things dry.
It should work.

Around the side of the building we installed a mineral feeder that they can reach.
We put in a salt/mineral block they can lick on and some loose minerals.
They seem to like it, most of the loose stuff was gone the next day.
That is Sweet Pea showing how it works 
and Daisy peeking from the ramp to see what there is to eat.
You can see below why we had to install the above type of mineral feeder.
This is Tyson showing how the mineral feeders made for cattle are just to big for them.
The goats have been known to jump in that tub and take a nap.
Why? We have no idea.
But at least now they have no reason to put their feet in the tray.

Here is FabHub playing the Pied Piper Snackmaster with an apple.
The apple tree is to the left, it drops apples that roll down the hill...
and get cleaned up by the crew.

Other winter projects include getting wood split and stacked up in the new shed. 
There should be plenty for this year with what is already cut.
The guys are doing some fence work that is going to bring in some more.
We can never have too much firewood since it is our main heat source.
It is great for the electric bill too.
This old wood pile is what is left from last year, actually older than that.
We are using it first this year to clean up the mess.
The plan is to empty a stall completely, rotating back and forth each year.
That will leave the other stall time to dry completely before the following year.
Hopefully, it won't be so cold we need to use more than that.
Jake is letting us know there is/has been a mouse or rabbit under the building.
We need to put some gravel in front of the pallets to keep him and Poochy from digging.
Poochy says - Who me? Dig? Yes, I love to dig after rodents.
In the meantime...
Slinky says - Dogs are so bad. If they wouldn't chase me there would be no rodents.
Sweet Pea says - Hi ya! Got any Oatie Ohs?