Saturday, May 25, 2013

Who's Who? Are You a Roo?

Another post about birds that "might" be one thing or another.
I think I will try specific breeds if I get more.
I want some red birds too, so that might happen.
The chicks are now 10 weeks old and getting some personality.
I let them out of their pen most afternoons and on the weekends.

From what I have read this is very likely a Dominique rooster. I say it like that because they look a lot like Barred Rock birds, or do BRs look like Ds? Whatever - this guy shows his rose comb while the others all have the typical upright comb of a Barred Rock. And if you notice his light stripes are a bit "fuzzier" than the bars of the bird next to him. Oh and the way he carries himself, wide and low, sort of says Dominique too. 
I found a better comparison picture for the Barred Rock.
Clear as mud right? I thought so too.

I am still guessing that this is a Black Australorp hen, there are two like this without combs, 
but they could be Jersey Giant hens too.

You can see most of the other black birds in this picture.
All the birds enjoy their free range time.

This one is almost easy, a Delaware hen, there is just one of these, 
though there is one other bird that must be a Delaware rooster.
He is very brave too. Comes right out to see what I am doing.

Here you can see the Barred Rock rooster's comb.
I think that guy in the back is the one that stated crowing this week, but there are three like him so hard to tell. I spend time out there watching them and causing chaos with oyster crackers, but I still can't tell those three apart.
Due to the lack of comb at all, I think this Buff Orpington is a hen, there are two of these running around. The bigger one is more front and center than the smaller one, but usually they are both in the background with all these other aggressive birds running around.

Speaking of aggressive. 
The idea that this is a Lakenvelder rooster is not really in question.
He always has that look about him.

Wind blown and running for snacks. 
Or are they thinking of turning me into dinner?
Too many roosters, but not enough to take over the farm.
At least Jake hopes they don't anyway.
He looks a bit concerned. First the goats, now chickens.
Or is he just making sure I don't forget to share some bread with him.
More likely the latter.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend.
Remember those who gave it all for the rest of us.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Chicken Run May

 The Chicken Crew at almost 8 weeks.

Somebody found the peas!
Just looking for bugs no harm done.

Somebody else found the kohlrabi. 
Some got pulled, but they need to be thinned anyway.

Slinky the cat was surrounded at one point.
This picture was sort of hard to get. He is usually under my feet.

Jake is being very careful where he walks.
Never know what you might step in, or when you might get yelled at for freaking out a chicken.

Speaking of freaking out chickens.
This seemed to be an entirely serious situation.
Happens all the time with a mixed group.
They aren't big enough to damage each other yet.
I hope anyway.

The crew spends about an hour chasing around for whatever they can find.
Then they take a quick rest in the evening sun.
And then they run back inside for dinner and I lock the door again.

Some close ups for what the chicks look like more than what they are doing.

These two keep an eye on each other.
Through the fence is better.

Some of them are getting pretty.
They must be the boys.