Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finding Blogs

Dave asked about how people find blogs. A general search on a subject might find you one, but I know of a places to find them on purpose.

Google has a new search engine to help find blogs it is at it seems to find just about any kind of comment though, I got book reviews on my search.

Another one is at it gives you blogs from your area, if there are any. There were none for Athens, here or in Georgia, which seems odd, so that link may not be real useful. I did KC too and found some old links, which would be another problem, lots of old blogs are sitting around not being read.

The link with the best connections seems to be which has lists of recently updated blogs. Once you find one that interests you they sometimes have links to other bloggers with the same interests.

The last one I use more often than the others It has links to what is currently Hot in the news or blogs that is getting attention. Some of the links are really well put together and informative and some are not worth looking at. Ever. It depends on your perspective and morales at times. So be careful and realize that all "news" should be verified, one person's opinion might be just that and not really news.

Well, that is my list of where I find things when I am looking. Have fun and Be Careful out there. Later.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Needs Work

Hello, I hope everyone is doing good today. This post is things that need to be done. This picture is of a bunch of birdhouse goards I grew a few years ago. They are all in a bin in that red building. I really need to get them out of there and do something with them.

Well darn, I was just thinking that now everybody has a yard, I could make Christmas presents, but that isn't true any more. By the way, based on the idea that everything happens for a reason, aren't we all glad that Steve decided to get back into coaching? I am only guessing that he would be working recovery in N.O.L.A. if they were still in Arkansas.

The following is a picture of the cats. Brandy is the white one and Slinky is the grey one. This is another project that we need to get to work on. I would really like the extra dirt dug out, concrete poured, and a new raised cat feeder. Some of that might happen this year yet, we will see.

Well, that's All Folks!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Test Post

Hello, I am testing this to see if posting from an email really works.
Is anyone else gotten hooked on Martha Vision lately? Her shows are on TLC at 6 and then the prime time show on Wednesday. I can hardly believe I have been watching it, Bill can't either. LOL Well that sort of fits with my current craft attack.
Today's Making It is a recipe, and I will even stick with my Chocolate Cherry theme of the last posting.
Except that was cows and this is cake. HA
Chocolate Cherry Angel Food
1 Angel Food Cake Mix
1 can of cherries packed in water
Some Water
1 measuring cup of at least 20 ounces
Put the entire can of cherries in the measuring cup and then add enough water to have 20 ounces in the cup
Add this to the cake mix in an extra large bowl and follow baking instructions from box
1 container Cool Whip
1 small package of instant chocolate pudding
1 cup of milk
Mix the pudding and milk until thickened and then add the cool whip mix well
Frost the cake
Refrigerate until serving and if there is any left.
That is it. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Cows

While I am here tonight I will add a couple more pictures. First is the yard and yes I like to point out the features. It actually turned out pretty cool because if you notice the shade and sun areas split the frame and the marigolds fill a gap. You might not realize it, but I removed the light pole from the picture, it would have split the end of the house off.

Next are my cows. I like red angus because they are different, I can tell them from Bill's and Rob's cattle very easily. The red cow on the left is Cherry and standing next to the black bull is her bull calf, Chocolate. The red heifer on the right is Q, her name comes from the question mark on her head. She had horns, so hopefully her calf won't, but we will see.

What is cool about this picture? There were two black cows in the picture between the red ones and the bulls were nowhere near this location when I took the pictures. I removed the black cows and inserted the bulls. I almost messed up because I had trimmed the cow picture before I thought of inserting the bulls, no I didn't save the original. SO when I put the bulls in I had to pull them all the way to the front, it worked. OK enough of this for the day.
Ok, this is the third edit --- same story different format.

Making It - that will be the idea, pictures of stuff Bill and I have made or seen around the world. With some commentary as I see fit, or the subject comes up. You are welcome to share anytime.

Bill and I are getting pretty creative as we age, that must be it, don't know what else we are doing to make it happen. Here are some pictures of recent projects. The red building is old, but the towering tomato cages are new.

The brown building is new, and not quite finished, and so are the colorful windows. We are going to be trying to keep that building from freezing real hard and I thought that putting the plywood back in the windows would help... then of course I had to get creative and try to apply some folk art.

By the way the definition of folk art as I see it... art for people who aren't terribly talented. I have more ideas to put together and will share as we can.