Saturday, September 24, 2005

Finding Blogs

Dave asked about how people find blogs. A general search on a subject might find you one, but I know of a places to find them on purpose.

Google has a new search engine to help find blogs it is at it seems to find just about any kind of comment though, I got book reviews on my search.

Another one is at it gives you blogs from your area, if there are any. There were none for Athens, here or in Georgia, which seems odd, so that link may not be real useful. I did KC too and found some old links, which would be another problem, lots of old blogs are sitting around not being read.

The link with the best connections seems to be which has lists of recently updated blogs. Once you find one that interests you they sometimes have links to other bloggers with the same interests.

The last one I use more often than the others It has links to what is currently Hot in the news or blogs that is getting attention. Some of the links are really well put together and informative and some are not worth looking at. Ever. It depends on your perspective and morales at times. So be careful and realize that all "news" should be verified, one person's opinion might be just that and not really news.

Well, that is my list of where I find things when I am looking. Have fun and Be Careful out there. Later.

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