Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Cows

While I am here tonight I will add a couple more pictures. First is the yard and yes I like to point out the features. It actually turned out pretty cool because if you notice the shade and sun areas split the frame and the marigolds fill a gap. You might not realize it, but I removed the light pole from the picture, it would have split the end of the house off.

Next are my cows. I like red angus because they are different, I can tell them from Bill's and Rob's cattle very easily. The red cow on the left is Cherry and standing next to the black bull is her bull calf, Chocolate. The red heifer on the right is Q, her name comes from the question mark on her head. She had horns, so hopefully her calf won't, but we will see.

What is cool about this picture? There were two black cows in the picture between the red ones and the bulls were nowhere near this location when I took the pictures. I removed the black cows and inserted the bulls. I almost messed up because I had trimmed the cow picture before I thought of inserting the bulls, no I didn't save the original. SO when I put the bulls in I had to pull them all the way to the front, it worked. OK enough of this for the day.

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  1. What a way to open a blog "THE COWS". But it looks pretty cool. I am not savvy enough or have the time but I will check in and comment positively when I can. DaveVB