Friday, September 23, 2005

Needs Work

Hello, I hope everyone is doing good today. This post is things that need to be done. This picture is of a bunch of birdhouse goards I grew a few years ago. They are all in a bin in that red building. I really need to get them out of there and do something with them.

Well darn, I was just thinking that now everybody has a yard, I could make Christmas presents, but that isn't true any more. By the way, based on the idea that everything happens for a reason, aren't we all glad that Steve decided to get back into coaching? I am only guessing that he would be working recovery in N.O.L.A. if they were still in Arkansas.

The following is a picture of the cats. Brandy is the white one and Slinky is the grey one. This is another project that we need to get to work on. I would really like the extra dirt dug out, concrete poured, and a new raised cat feeder. Some of that might happen this year yet, we will see.

Well, that's All Folks!


  1. fun blog. i like your photos.
    too bad i can't bake... the choco. recipe sounds good.

  2. OK, so do people just surf for blogs? or what? How do people find yours from all the other blogs? Good recipe, looking forward to it at your place over Christmas. BroDaveVB