Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, this is the third edit --- same story different format.

Making It - that will be the idea, pictures of stuff Bill and I have made or seen around the world. With some commentary as I see fit, or the subject comes up. You are welcome to share anytime.

Bill and I are getting pretty creative as we age, that must be it, don't know what else we are doing to make it happen. Here are some pictures of recent projects. The red building is old, but the towering tomato cages are new.

The brown building is new, and not quite finished, and so are the colorful windows. We are going to be trying to keep that building from freezing real hard and I thought that putting the plywood back in the windows would help... then of course I had to get creative and try to apply some folk art.

By the way the definition of folk art as I see it... art for people who aren't terribly talented. I have more ideas to put together and will share as we can.

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