Sunday, January 03, 2010

Winter Picture

Okay, one more post for today. I have to make a correction to all the winter posts that I have made so far this year. This weather keeps getting better and better, but when Winter makes you dress like this... you know there is real cold out there on the ridge. Most of the purpose for all the clothing is because feeding the cows takes place on an open tractor and 4x4 Gator. The layers really come in handy when the cows hide their calves in shelter that make them hard to find.

Christmas with Garrett

We had a pretty good Christmas in Georgia. Of everybody, Garrett did the best in the gift department, that would be expected of course. His pile is on the left and his mom's is on the right.
Mom likes having her picture taken when Garret is on her lap. FabHub doesn't even mind too much - and he is hard to catch in a lens. He can laugh at himself pretty easily too. He wanted new house shoes for Christmas. So my sister got him some.
Garrett likes to read too. I hope he keeps it up.
The craft project for Garrett's album finally finished. Mom and I took the cross stitch pattern and turned it into the front cover of an expandable album. He looks impressed doesn't he.
The cover turned out pretty good. It is meant to be expandable so the binding is not connected across the back so that left it a bit rough. I hope they are able to use it for years.
That was our holiday in Georgia.

Progressive Christmas Craft

The Holidays in my office aren't really decorated too much - last year I put clings on some windows in our cube space and brought in a poinsetta that I didn't really want to keep at the house.
That flower is doing pretty well, it even got some red leaves again this year. I didn't do any of the "proper" poinsetta preparations to make sure that it turned, but there must be the right mix of darkness and atmosphere in the office to make it happen a little bit naturally.

I also did a progressive holiday scene drawing on the white board last year, but didn't think about taking pictures until I was halfway through the season. This year I remembered to take the pictures, so let's see if the story makes sense to you.

I hope you enjoyed this story and had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I really do have things to keep me busy at work, I just like to draw stories too. All of the pictures lasted at least a half day, most of them a full day or more.