Sunday, January 03, 2010

Progressive Christmas Craft

The Holidays in my office aren't really decorated too much - last year I put clings on some windows in our cube space and brought in a poinsetta that I didn't really want to keep at the house.
That flower is doing pretty well, it even got some red leaves again this year. I didn't do any of the "proper" poinsetta preparations to make sure that it turned, but there must be the right mix of darkness and atmosphere in the office to make it happen a little bit naturally.

I also did a progressive holiday scene drawing on the white board last year, but didn't think about taking pictures until I was halfway through the season. This year I remembered to take the pictures, so let's see if the story makes sense to you.

I hope you enjoyed this story and had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I really do have things to keep me busy at work, I just like to draw stories too. All of the pictures lasted at least a half day, most of them a full day or more.

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