Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in Georgia 2009

My netbook doesn't have Java to load pictures on FB, so I will create a Blog to show off my new nephew and some other Christmas adventures. Probably better anyway since I usually like to blabber on.
This is Garrett, he is four months old, loves to be hugged on by everybody, and though he is being raised an OSU Cowboy, he tolerates all sports affiliations.
We were going to bring him some WVU products, but thought his parents might not be so tolerant.
This is FabHub NOT napping in the middle of the afternoon.
He Claims to have been watching TV, but that eye looks closed to me.
This is a project that I started better than two years ago. There is a blog post from 2007 that talks about my progress toward finishing it. I told my sister to give me six months warning if we were going to need it since I probably would need that much time to finish needle work. I finished it last night at about midnight while we waited for Garrett and family to arrive at Mom's. HEY, it is done! Sort of anyway. It still needs to be washed, ironed, and attached as the cover to the scrapbook that will hold many, many pictures of the newest, cutest - my nephew Garrett.

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