Sunday, April 14, 2013

Month Old Chicks

Temporary chick house.
Originally the plastic sheeting around the bottom was not there.
They walked through the wire when stressed, so I fixed it.
It helped cut down on the wind at their level too.

Chicks everywhere.

They are a month old now.
They look like gawky teenagers don't they.

Our chicks are a bit of a mixed lot.
There were two roosters involved in the incubated egg production.
One a Lakenvelder and the other a Buff Orpington.
There were several types of  hens.
New Hampshire Red
Black Jersey Giant
Golden Laced Wyandotte
Buff Orpington
Black Australorp
Barred Rock

On the farm we got them from the Buff Orpingtons stick together pretty much.
So the two Buffs that hatched for us should be true bred.

The rest of them were probably all Lakenvelder babies.
That makes sense since the rest of the chicks are all black and white or just black.
But we don't know for sure.

There are two similar to this one, which looks the most like a Lakenvelder.
But what was the hen? Delaware?

There are two mostly white like this one.
Delaware hen?

There are six all black with grey fuzz like this one.
Black Australop hen? Black Jersey Giant hen?

There are four like this one that looks like this one.
Dominiker hen? Barred Rock hen? 

There is no red displayed in any of the chicks so that leaves out the other three types of hens that might have supplied us with eggs.

New Hampshire Red
Golden Lace Wyandotte

Next thing to figure out. 
Is it a rooster or a hen?
Time will tell.

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