Monday, April 08, 2013

Little Bit and Lucy Go on Spring Break

Once upon a time there were two baby goats. 
Their Momma didn't have enough food to feed them so they were fed with bottles by the people.
That caused a problem when the people and the black dog had to go to Georgia.
So the man said "Let's bring the babies with us!"
The woman said "OK, this will be fun."
The black dog said "They can't ride in my seat!"

Lucy and Little Bit said,
 "We don't know what Spring Break or that thing called Georgia is, but as long as you bring the milk bottles we will go with you."

Then they got into the crate and didn't know they were riding cargo class.
The dog didn't tell them any different.

When they arrived in Georgia, the woman's brother said,
"Yep, those are goats. You really brought them."

The accommodations were spacious, but confining. 
Sometimes though the girls got to play in the yard. 
While the people were tearing apart the old deck they made really cool piles of wood for the girls to climb on and slide down and jump off of high into the air.
The woman said, "Now I know why we should have given them their tetanus shots."

After the wood pile was taken away, there was much running and jumping around the yard.

Spring Break is fun!

All that playing made them very tired and ready to go home.

The girls got loaded in their crate and said, 
"Again with the cargo class? But we have grown a lot this week!"
The blonde dog had told them about first class travel.
She was just trying to get the black dog in trouble.
But the blonde dog was So Very Happy to see the goats leave! 

And please don't bring them back!
The End of Spring Break.

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