Monday, April 08, 2013

Chicks Move to the Farm

FabHub brought the chicks home from school today.
He left them in their temporary enclosure inside the pet crate.
They were fine in there until I walked in to bring their food and water.
They they all crowded up in the back and some of them slipped through the wire!
I didn't think they would be able to do that.

Poochy had a staring contest with one of the chicks.
I am pretty sure the chick won. 
That one might be a rooster showing his bravery early.

After a while they all calmed down and found the food. 

Then one of them tried to find the water - or maybe it just wanted to jump on top of something. Either way, that is what happened.

At some point they figured out the water.

Not only did they squeeze through the pet crate wire, a few of them also panicked their way all the way out of the enclosure. Luckily they don't like being alone so the ones who did that managed to pop back in. I was afraid I would have to catch them. It was also a bit breezier in there than I liked, so to solve both problems I got some plastic from the garden shed and wrapped it around the bottom of the enclosure.

That seemed to make them happy.
Now they couldn't see the dogs looking at them.
A couple tried out perching on the sticks.

What a mix of chicks.

I covered the pet crate with some insulation and added some sawdust.
I doubt they will go in it though. They are used to being in the big fish tank.
The addition of the plastic makes this look like a huge fish tank.

How many hens can we find in there.
One prediction is for 5 roosters.
That means 11 hens! We can't have that many eggs!

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