Sunday, April 14, 2013

Goats in the Yard

Friday afternoon I decided it was time to release the lawn mowers.
They are ambitious, but not very efficient.
All that wandering around doesn't do much more than fill their bellies.

Then thy found my shrubs. It took them a while longer than I thought.
First I planned on chasing them off.
Then they ganged up on me and I decided they could have them.
Pick your battles.
I decided if they ate as high as they could it might be easier to mow.
So it was a win win.
Until they decided that snowball and lilac bushes weren't that tasty.
Oh well.

Then it was nap time for the kids.
Frank took that idea seriously.

Jake stayed low and quiet.
Tyson did stop by to check him out one time and Jake didn't care for that too much.

Monthly update on the goat babies.
Rose and her bottle babies.
They spend their time with her just like the other kids who are getting fed.

Tulip and Fred.
This is also Sweet William's mother.
He just became a father of two kids over at another farm.
Congratulations to William and Maybelle.
Hey that makes Tyson and Tulip grandparents!

Sunny with Rhubarb and Apple.

Violet with Ace2.

Frank and Bishop would not stand by their mom Flower.

Last year's bottle babies Salvia and Daffodil standing behind Tulip.
Tulip is two years old and the babies are one.
I was noticing how they size up next to her.

In other news:
Tyson almost went to the market Saturday.
He has been a big pain lately.
Especially to me. I need to carry a Tyson repellent.
He stayed so I want to make sure the yearlings are bred.
Because what we need is some more baby goats this year. 
We might have a lot of them.

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  1. They asked me in church council meeting what my plan was for mowing the lawn this year. I said my sister has a herd of goats, maybe she could part with a few. We moved on to other business lol.