Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Bit and Lucy Go to School

One sunny day while Little Bit and Lucy were enjoying an afternoon in the pasture, the farm Man came and got them from the field and put them in another pet crate. They were a little worried because the last trip had been so long and had a crazy dog in the yard. This time it turned out to be a short trip in the open bed of the truck where they could watch the world go by during the ride. Then the farm Man and a friend of his came and got the little girls out of the truck. The farm Man  told them "Welcome to school girls!".

Little Bit and Lucy didn't know what school was, but there sure were lots of people around. The farm Man told them that those people were students and they they should not be scared at all. The students were look at the girls and called them cute. Some of the people were even taking pictures, so Lucy posed while Little Bit straightened her hair.

After the photos the girls didn't know what else to do, so they wandered away from all the students and tasted the grass. This was all very exciting for two little goat girls because at home they had to share the grass with all the big goats and the other kids, but here it was all for them since the school kids didn't seem to like grass at all.

Then the farm Man offered them a milk snack in case they were hungry or thirsty. Lucy decided that was a very good idea and showed everyone how she is a superior milk drinker. Little Bit didn't want anything to drink. She thought the grass was much tastier and kept eating.

After the snack a school Man came out onto the lawn where Little Bit and Lucy were eating. They thought he wanted to be their new friend so they started following him around. The students all thought that was great fun.

Then the school Man and the farm Man made a lot of noise talking to all the students standing around the circle. The little girls didn't pay much attention to them and kept on eating grass. 

When all the noise was over there were four other school people standing in a line. Some of them looked happy and some of them didn't seem too excited.

Then two of the school ladies left. That left another of the school ladies and another school Man waiting. They both looked very happy to be there. 

[This is kind of a long story so Little Bit and Lucy asked me to fill in some details while they took a nap.]
Why this is all happening is because there was a "Kiss the Goat" penny contest in the school. The students voted with pennies for which of the school staff should "Kiss the Goat". It is possible that some of the potential "winners" and family members also voted to either keep themselves from "winning" the vote or to help certain others toward becoming the Goat Kisser. The turn of events made it so that there was a tie where Ms. Curry and Mr. Lokay raised the most money.

This is Little Bit and Lucy's daddy, Tyson.
He was advertised as the goat to be kissed.
We don't think Tyson would have been to willing in that game.
Though with that hairdo and sly smile he is quite a hit in the pasture.

So when the time came for the event the girls got loaded up and Tyson stayed home.
The winners of the contest should be much relieved.

[Nap time is over, back to the girl's story.]
So after the winners of the contest were identified, the farm Man and another of his friends brought Little Bit and Lucy to stand on some big boxes in the field where the school Lady and Man were standing. Little Bit was not too sure about standing on that box, but look!! the school Lady has a bribe for Lucy! No wonder Lucy was so calm.

Then the school Lady kissed Lucy!

[Have to wonder if any of that lipstick got any goat hair stuck in it.]

Then the school Man kissed Little Bit!
Neither of them seemed to happy.

Then the school Lady gave Lucy a big hug and Little Bit wanted to know why she couldn't get in on that happiness. Everybody seemed to think that was a funny thing for the Lady to do, but Lucy loves to be hugged so she liked it.

After all the kissing was over the girls went back in the crate and were put under a window where they nibbled some grass and listened to Farm man teach the students all about stuff with big words in it. When that got boring they took a nap until it was time to go home to the farm.

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