Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Pet Safe Weed Killer Experiment

I saw this posted by a friend on FB.
My yard is full of dandelions and I would like to get rid of them, safely.
So I went shopping for the mix and then applied it.

This is the first test area at 10 am.

At 2 pm. YAY!

Second area at 10 am.

At 2 pm.

The driveway gravel should be successful since I don't have to worry about over spray killing the grass, though I am not really sure it is effective on grass. The lawn will be a much harder project partially due to over spray concerns, but also because there are soooooo many weeds out there. They do make the yard "look" green, unless they blooming.

After a bit of research about "why" this works I have figured out that the salt could cause nothing to grow in the spot again. Also, there is a lot of debate about how dangerous RoundUp really is. I do know that a gallon of vinegar is a lot cheaper and less toxic to the overall environment than a gallon of RoundUp.

My determination is:
  1. I will pull any weeds that I can.
  2. I will continue to use this mix on the gravel since I do not want anything to ever grow there again. 
  3. I will make another mix with no salt for the lawn.
  4. I will use RoundUp, carefully, on the weeds that are not effected by the vinegar/soap mix.

I didn't get much more done than the above pictures show since we were expecting rain. I want to do the driveway area on a nice day when there is plenty of sun to cook those leaves. Oh, that reminds me. One of the "RoundUp" agenda believers said that the vinegar doesn't do anything to the roots of the plants. That might be true, but if the root doesn't have any leaves to feed it death will eventually come to the root.

There will be more results posted whenever I can get a sunny day.

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