Saturday, July 02, 2011

July 2011

Sunflower and Corn update
Pic from June 22

Pic from June 30
The Corn and Scarecrow are disappearing!

In other news.
Something with big pointy feet has been eating the tops of one of the carrot beds.

This is from the "dead" bed that has balance issues.
Nothing grew in it last year.
Not even weeds.
This year I added some fertilizer and tried again.

Luckily the other carrot bed doesn't have those problems.
They weren't all ready to come out, but I pulled them anyway.
Some are too big, some are too small. It is all an experiment.
I think I will plant some more in August.

The season is over in the Pea department. The Marigolds continue on.

I pulled all the peas out and left the beans to take over on the baling twine trellis.
This is all that was left.
The pigs enjoyed the plants and pods.

FabHub and I enjoyed the rest.
I haven't been growing much more than a few vegetables to eat in the season. The corn might give us enough to freeze some, but we will probably just eat it up. The peas, carrots, and radishes were fun and are gone.
The squash is coming along and will get baked, fried, or steamed for dinner. The tomatoes - we have some in jars left from last year so I only wanted enough for slicing, baking, and frying. Ended up with a couple more than expected, but they are in the "dead" bed and I am trying to help them along. I replaced the dirt where I planted them with some different garden soil that FabHub picked up. Hasn't helped much yet. Yesterday I added some plant food. We will see. There are cucumbers out there among the marigolds too, but they were planted late. The sunflowers are obviously pretty happy. Wonder how big they will be next week? Come back and see. Later folks!

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