Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sunflower Update

I am a bit early with the sunflower update this week, but since I will be in Missouri for most of the weekend I thought I better get this out now.
This was the first week, about June 14.

Then the next update from June 22.

This is June 30.

And this is July 7!!! They ate the scarecrow!

This is Violet and the girls - Sweet Pea, Tulip, and Daisy.
They want to know if you have any cookies, cheerios, or sweet feed -
because you can see they have nothing else to eat.
Nothing at all.


  1. Oh, I love sunflowers. Mine are behind yours. More like your June pictures because we can't plant until June 1st here. I just think they are the most amazing flowers and I harvest the seeds for the chickens. Love your goats!

  2. Wow -- your sunflowers are lovely :)
    And the goats -- precious. My mom is thinking about getting a couple of goats for her property. They seem like a lot of fun.

    Glad you linked up to my Garden Life link up :)