Saturday, July 23, 2011

After all the blogs I have posted recently I just realized I hadn't put up the Sunflower growth post from last weekend yet. So I figured I can just combine it with the latest update.
This is from July 18th.  
And this is July 23rd.
These things are getting monstrous.

There really is corn in there too. This pic is from the 18th, 
but in the one from the 23rd you can see some tassels.
This is my straight neck squash.
Surrounded by marigolds and STILL I had to squish squash bug eggs today.
No deterrent there. Not sure if there should be either, but plenty of eggs got squished.

There are plenty of bees out there too.
While I was squishing bugs the honey bees were buzzing, which was okay, 
but the wasps and stinging bees that showed up weren't so welcome. 
Then again, I didn't bother them and they didn't bother me, physically anyway, either.

This is my bean patch. It used to be the pea patch.
It is producing pretty well.
This is the first batch of beans and the third squash.
Hopefully I will get more squash. Last year the plants were ruined by bugs.

I have tomatoes.
I started this year with three kinds of tomatoes.
A Better Boy, a Parks Whoppers - both supposed to be about 15 ounce fruit
and one yellow tomato that should be about 7 ounces.
 These are the Brandywine tomatoes that I got from Jones.
They are pretty far behind my others, 
but that will be okay since I don't want them all coming in at one anyway.

This is a sawdust pile. It will be used to mulch the beds, but not right now. 
It is hot out there.
Where did the pile come from? Well that will be a post in the Farm Fun category.

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  1. Can't wait to see the sunflowers blooming! I think I'll have to plant some next year...