Saturday, July 02, 2011

More Goats in the Family

There are some new girls on the farm.
Meet Daisy and Sweet Pea.

They fit in pretty well.
The oddball of the group is Rosebud.
She is an old goat that FabHub bought at the market. 
She is pretty friendly and has been around people a lot, but...
She is pretty skinny and might have more health issues than we know. 
I am hoping that good food and socialization might help her out.
She likes being taller than the other girls.
Then again, Violet has a way of solving that problem. 
They need more browse (shrubs and stuff) to eat.
We are working on that. The fence is almost done.
We will be testing it and hopefully moving them this afternoon.
In the mean time the girls are all getting to know each other and pretty happy.

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  1. Your goats are adorable. I wanted to add goats this year but Mountain Man said no :(