Sunday, July 17, 2011

Quick Pics

I have lots of stuff to post about our trip to Missouri and Iowa, but I had to start with some of my favorites.
I had so much fun playing with Garrett on this trip.
He doesn't stand still for pictures very well though.
Here is Garrett and Dad on the Elmo couch.
Yes, if you look closely he has a black eye, both of them actually, and a bump on his head. 
Garrett is 100% boy all day every day.
They are looking at a picture of Baby Reece. 
Here is Reece Allen and his Mom in the hospital.
He took the hard way into the world so he is spending his whole first week with the awesome care of the nurses. He is doing fine. She is too.

Here is Big Brother Garrett again. He is very independent. Can you tell?
By the way, the eyes are better now.
It was a wonderful trip.
I will post some other scenes from our travels later.

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