Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Vacation on BRSK Farm

So what did FabHub build this time?
He started on Monday.
First he brought in a load of fresh cut lumber.

Then he and BIL set some posts and did some framing.

On Tuesday he added a wall, and half of the back.

On Wednesday he added the interior wall and the rest of the outside walls.
On Thursday he went and bought the roof tin.

Friday he put on the roof
and started stacking the wood on the inside. 
When half of this shed is full we will have most of what we need for the coming winter.
It is nice to have that part done already!
This has been a very productive summer.
Electric, wooden, and woven fences installed in various places.
Giant load of firewood brought in.
Hay baled and in the barns.
Reworked a truck flat bed into a trailer.
Fixed the tractor and other stuff.
And this week's project is to build a goat house.
He might want to reconsider that teaching gig that gives him so much "free" time.
Glad I have a job to go to!

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