Monday, July 11, 2011

Illinois and Missouri Travels

 Mom and I headed to Missouri to see David ordained as a Deacon in his church and to Iowa to meet the newest Cutest Nephew in the World. Right now the original CNW is helping me with the blog. He likes the pictures of the horses and Nana. So will see how long this lasts. Okay all the pictures are loaded and he is bored so off he went.
 On Friday we were driving down the road in Illinois and saw something sticking out the side of this horse trailer. My "drive-by-shooting" companion needed some prodding, but we got organized in time to catch these pictures.
 Then we pulled along side and saw who it was.
 I call him Breezy, he is just enjoying the ride.

In Mount Vernon we took a drive down Potomac Blvd. 
This is a replica of the Washington Monument.
The lightpole and I give you some perspective to size.
Further down the street was a challenge to getting back on the interstate.

It is a sculpture. We didn't get lost.

On Saturday Dave planned for us to go to the WWI memorial.
 This is the Liberty Memorial.
The museum is underneath it.

Dave and Mom took a nice picture on the roof of the museum.
Dave and I took a ride up to the top. 
The first picture I showed here was taken from near those cars in the middle. 

The elevator operator told me to get this picture.
It shows the poppy field they have under the glass walkway with the Liberty tower reflected in the glass.
Good picture advise!

After the memorial we went to lunch. 
I asked for a local place and Dave suggested Grinders.
This place was part of a Diners, Dives, and Drive Ins episode.

This is my lunch.
The philly cheese steak and tater tots.
Pretty good to me.

They have some arty tables in the Grinder.
This was ours.
 On Sunday we were going to Dave's church for the ceremony.
Mom took a break while we waited.
More to come.
Have to go see the new baby -
And No I am not telling you the details. Not until they do.
But I am a very proud Aunt Sandy.

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