Saturday, June 25, 2011

Electric Fence Installation for the Wives

This isn't a primer on how to install electric fence. It is a suggestion to the Wives and Family of the fence installer for what farm gadgets should be included in the budget. There are two things that have become essential to the happiness of our home in regards to the pain that can be inflicted by the process of installing electric fence.
This is the first of them. It is called a High Tensile Wire Roller.
We bought this one at FabHub's new favorite Amish farm store on Hess Road in Pennsylvania. It cost about $45. We have seen similar, but less sturdy looking items at big box stores for more so shop around. The big roll of wire is installed and then the farmer picks up the end of the wire and walks away. The roller sits right there on the back of the truck (or on the ground) and spins as the wire unspools. It does not work to just lay the wire down on the ground without the gadget and walk away. It becomes a really big mess. Ever try something like that with coiled wire or garden hose? Ugh. The other option, without the gadget is to tie off one end of the wire and Carry the big roll all the way to the end of the fence. High tensile wire is heavy and unruly. 
If your installer has distances like this to cover help them out and insist on the gadget.
Remember too, that trip has to be made at least twice.
And if they are dealing with trees, hillsides, or swamps...
...well, let's just say pulling a piece of wire in that situation makes the troubles, like stepping in a mud hole, easier to deal with than if a big roll of wire had to be handled.

The second gadget is this little tool.
It is called a Twist Tool or Wire Wrap Tool.
This one came from a big box store and cost $2.38.
 It could easily be made in a farm shop. 
It seems like such a minor thing, but has such a big impact.
The post below shows the difference between using the tool, top wire, and not using the tool, bottom wire. 
There is a benefit beyond making it look nice, since remember this is about helping the installer avoid pain. High Tensile Wire is pretty thick and tough to twist. Doing that by hand caused some pretty sore fingers. The twist tool has become an essential in the work box. 

That is it.
About $50 worth of tools to go along with all the wire and stretchers and insulators and tubing and rubber gate handles. Just to keep a few goats from escaping. Oh, and that doesn't count the gates, posts, woven wire, and barbed wire that is already in place to keep the cows from wandering around. 
I can't wait to see them in here though. 
The goats will not only clean up the underbrush they will also allow new grass to grow in places that have been overgrown for years. And they are so cute!
Come back for updates!


  1. Huh, we were fencing out at the ranch and a guy brought one of the twister tools out. I can see now where it works for electric fencing, but it didn't work as well as a fencing pliar for twisting barbwire ties.

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