Saturday, June 18, 2011

Putting up the Hay

Our of the six pastures we have available for the cows to graze four of them are saved during the spring for hay. To feed the cows through the winter we need about 500 round bales. We also need a bunch of square bales for the goats and other various reasons that don't require full round bales sometimes.
The BIL owns four of the fields and we borrow another from a neighbor.
This ridge is part of FabHub and my pasture. Yes that is a good thick cut.
We obviously have been supporting a deer herd.
This doe is looking for her baby.
The next morning we saw the baby looking for its mama.

That afternoon FabHub raked it into windrows and then BIL ran the baler.
It was so thick he had to stop in some places for the pickup teeth to catch up.
While he was finishing that FabHub and Nephew #3 picked up the bales.
That trailer is the same one I showed you a couple of years ago. It is made out of an old mobile home frame.
The truck is FabHub's old reliable '91 Dodge. 
It rides like a beast on square wheels and starts when the key is turned.
Knock on Wood!
They can get 11 round bales on that trailer.
Of course if the ground was flat they could probably get more.
But where they are hauling too is down the hill and up to the next ridge.
You can see the truck over by the power pole in the middle of the picture.
Or I can zoom in for you.
Nothing fell off! Still moving.
Pick them up and move them in. 
With one more field to go they have collected about 360 bales so far.
That is hay season. The cows can have their fields back now.
Unless the guys want a second cutting.
More fence work is next.

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