Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jaffa Cakes

One of the guys at work mentioned Jaffa Cakes.
They sounded pretty good so I decided to make some.
The recipe is really easy.
Sponge cake (eggs, sugar, flour - and a lot of whipping)
Orange Marmalade
How could that get messed up?
It didn't. Very tasty indeed.
 Though I could do better.
Lessons learned.
The cakes could be thinner.
I made three different batches, but was only considering the cake, not the thickness of it.
The marmalade was fine.
Unfortunately, the chocolate got overheated while I was melting it.
It turned out to thick and wouldn't pour well.
Could have been worse, but they still turned out good.
Easy enough to try again.
I am looking for new ideas of things to cook everyday.
Summer picnics are upon us.
Anyone have any unique ideas?

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