Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Cop in Town

Last weekend FabHub and I made a road trip up to PA to see his nephew graduate. 
He has wanted to do this for a long time and now he is going to be a police officer.
He didn't know we were coming so that made it even more fun.

We met his parents at their house and then road with them, his Grandma, and an Aunt to the ceremony.

The whole ceremony was pretty good, lots of inside jokes about the things they went through during training, but the speakers did a good job. Except for that one anyway.

After the ceremony there was one proud little girl waiting for her Daddy.

And then she went running in the dirt with her cousin.

No, I don't have any pictures of her Mom chasing her in high heels.

The couple's other little girl had been commandeered by FabHub.
She seems to have something on her mind. I think we won't guess.

Saturday they had a party for the graduate.
Check out the party animals here.

This is the part of the party were the guys were telling training stories that didn't make it into the ceremony.

Then the kids discovered the pool.
Big girl seems to be thinking this could be fun.
Mom knows it is inevitable so why fight it.
If you notice, the Cousin is already wet. 

It is fun!

Cousin was having fun, but he wacked himself good a couple of times.

The boys and adults did well to watch out for Big Girl.
She loved it, but the water was cold.

And then decided to dive in just like Cousin.
Luckily she is too short to do much more than flop.

In the house there were other things happening.
FabHub was promoting development.
I think she wants to get to that bottle.

Sweet Success!!
Only one nap was taken that afternoon.

Mom enjoyed her time of freedom.
By going crazy in the bounce house.

After snagging some lunch snacks from people and finding a piece of ignored cake on a plate...
Cylo spent the rest of the afternoon in the basement, sort of anyway.

We had a great time and can't wait for them to come down and visit the goats.
Yes, we told Big Girl all about them and made sure she wants to come see them.
And we know she will.

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  1. Looks like a good time! We bought that same pool for Garrett - I can just see him running & jumping in like that in years to come...Yikes! :-)