Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Day 8 Fest and 9 Leaving for Prague

acation Day 8
Started the day a little slow since Jen had to be on base for a few hours, she and I went the base gym. They have a couple dozen ellipticals and twice as many treadmills and bikes. A few stair steppers and a Stair Master! The stairs are like an escalator, they keep rolling and you have to keep up or fall of the back. Never ending flights of stairs. I used one like it when I was in Saudi in 1992 and haven't seen one since. I really liked it then and it really beat me up today. In 15 minutes I went up 57 flights of stairs and was done! I also spent a half hour on an elliptical and another 15 minutes walking on a treadmill. Then we went over to the weight room. They have every piece of Nautalis on the planet! I used a few of them, and now that I think about as I write this, my arms are tired too.
The rest of the day has been quiet with a few movies and schnitzel sandwiches with pommes of course! Tonight we are going to a local fest and tomorrow Billy and I leave for Prague and Berlin. Look what we found at a fest!
OK I can't show you what we found at the fest because the PC morons in the world can't figure out that what a person does legally, on their own time, and away from their job is not any of their dang business. Attempt to fire us over NOTHING and you will pay us to not work.
Thank you for listening to my rant.

Vacation Day 9
We left Bamberg at 6:38am and changed trains 3 times before arriving in Prague at about 1:20pm. We had a great time figuring out how to get to the hotel. First we were at a train station that was quite a ways from the one I had planned to arrive at and they are not connected. So we had to take another way of getting there. We thought the lady said red line bus and we knew she said they don't take Euros so we went back to the train and converted some Euros to Czeck Kronus.
Then tried to figure out how to get on the right bus. A man saw us looking at the bus schedule and referring to a Metro schedule and told us our mistake. Oops, didn't even know the metro was there too. So we bought a ticket and got on the right metro and made the transfer and ended up right outside the hotel. Yeah us!
We were about 15 minutes early for check in at the Hilton Old Town but they let us anyway. The room is great. We have a bit of a view,
no free internet, but there is a phone, robe, slippers, and heated floor in the bathroom.

I would prefer the internet. I can use the computer in the Executive Lounge though. I will probably do that to post all of this tomorrow. We went out and about on the town and found a restaurant that had edible tasteless food. If you look at Trip Advisor you will find my info about that place and the Hilton one of these days. We shopped for kid stuff on the way back to the hotel and found everything we wanted to get for them. Now we need to exchange more Euros into CK. It is expensive over here, but we are really enjoying ourselves. Tomorrow is set to relax in the morning and tour in the afternoon and evening before catching a late train to Berlin. Oh wait! I didn't bring my running shoes, but they have some nice bikes in the fitness room. I really should do that. By the way, If you ever come to Prague planning to run, bring trail shoes, the cobblestones are sharp and not very even! I read somewhere that running here is not possible because of the stones, I disagree, just bring the right kind and go out early. More later!

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