Friday, July 04, 2008

Day 1 Flying, 2 Germany, and 3 Bamberg

Vacation day 1 and 2

We made it to Germany!

We didn't have any problems with our flight in Roanoke or Atlanta. I really like both of those airports, informative and interesting. The flights were pretty good. We had “complimentary” movies, TV, HBO, and games. Lots of games and movies for entertainment. We arrived in Frankfurt on schedule, breezed through security and met Greg on the other side.

We went to the base and got a quick tour while picking up the kids from school. Then we went out too lunch and had our first beer and schnitzel with pommes (fries). IT Was Delicious! We did some shopping and walking and sitting around on the patio that evening. We went to the grocery and picked up a case of assorted beers, some distilled water for Bill's machine and a bottle of wine. The Beer made it home, but we seem to have left the water and wine in the store. No big deal the bottle of Spatlese wine was $3, probably a $10 bottle at home. It was a really long day. We will have to get another one.

Vacation day 3

I went out running with Jen. She is doing awesome. I think we went about 4.5 miles! After having done nothing for the last couple of weeks, that was a lot. Then Billy and I walked about a mile down to the Bakery and got a coffee and pastry. Then we hoped on a bus and went walking around downtown Bamberg and did some window shopping.

Bamberg Market Plaza had shops with fruits, vegetables, and flowers along with food and "stuff".

We saw kayakers using this mini fall as practice.

On the way back to the house our Hosts had a new experience. Somehow they had never taken the bus home. So we all found out that no matter what the German teacher tells you – the number 12 bus does NOT go through Erlau. We ended up getting off the bus about 2 miles from the house and walking. Just a block from the house is a BierGarten. After that walk we stopped and had a couple, with pommes of course, they are so good here!

Later we went back to the grocery and asked about yesterdays wine and water, the cashier was different, but he said he would ask his companions and we could come back later.

We are having a great time. More later!

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