Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 4 Dachau and 5 Food and Cards

Dachau Train Ride

We got a Bayern Pass, which allows us to travel anywhere in this region with up to 5 people for about $40 and headed to Dachau via Munich. The trains in Europe are normally like clockwork they are so on time, but not that day. The first one was good, the second one broke down in Nuremberg and the one we ended up riding was much slower than our original schedule. Plus we realized the memorial closed at 5pm. We arrived at about 3pm and hopped a taxi to hurry out there.

the front gate


The Perimeter Fence info

The "moat", fenceline and tower

The foundations of the old barracks


the Prisoner Statue

the creamatory includes a place to fumigate clothing, "shower" the prisoners, and burn the bodies.

Fumigation Room, where the Nazi's said they put the clothes to clean them of bugs by gassing them.

The Creamatory Ovens where they burned the bodies.

This is a marker for where the Liberators buried the bodies of those they could not identify.

We had enough time to see plenty of what we came for before the place closed. Then when we were headed back the first train was overloaded. Lots of students riding home from school is what we guessed. They go all year long here, but it was really late. All we know is the train was late leaving and crowded. Then because we were running late the train had to wait along the way to allow for other trains to make there runs. Plus there was a lightening strike somewhere that took out a line transformer, We made it back at about 11. Even with the train problems we had a good day, lots of things to think about.

Vacation Day 5

Raum schnitzel and Cards
We are on vacation so enjoying a quiet morning is nice! We did very little this morning. Lunch was a special treat. Greg really likes the Raum schnitzel at a place called Starks.

It was delicious, like everything has been. Jen and I had a bottle of wine that was OK.
Then we went shopping at the Real, which is like Wal-Mart. Lots of good stuff there. Then we went over to the Media Mart, like Best Buy. I was surprised that there are so many Nintendo DS games!

All sorts of them and not all in German, some are multi-language. The ones we have in the states seem to be a lot of Petz and kiddie games. I found some role player games that I have seen online, but were never available for purchase and certainly aren't at our local Wal-Mart. Then over to OBI, like Home Depot – Billy got some spacers for tile, that seems odd, but they are a little different than we can get at home. I went to a sports store and found some running stuff that seemed like a good buy until I converted the exchange rate. Yikes!
That evening we went to Bamberg to do a brewery history tour, no really, there is a lot of history to this town and one way to learn it is to do the tour. Turns out you have to buy the tickets earlier in the day than we wanted to do it.

So we went down town and looked around at some more of the sights.

And then we went to an Irish pub and ate German food. Then we finished the night at a local Gasthaus with a couple of decks of cards. We played the card game golf and enjoyed the evening.

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