Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 16 Frankfurt

We headed for Frankfurt a day earlier than we had planned, but after our experiences with the Hilton reward nights in the previous cities, we decided to get one there too so we wouldn't have to rush anything in the morning. I booked it online with no problems at all.
The day started at 0926 with another broken train. All through our trip we have experienced a non-typical travel experience since the trains keep running late. German trains are usually very reliable, but we keep finding the problems. Good thing our tickets are good for a variety of trains since the first train out of Bamberg was a full 15 minutes late and our connection in Schweinfurt was only 4 mintues. Luckily there was another train running to Wurzburg just as we arrived. It was a slower one, but since we really weren't in a hurry it was okay and part of our continuing adventure.
In Wurzburg we saw a train load of trees at the station.

Arriving in Frankfurt we first went to the airport to make sure we knew where we would be going in the morning. When we got that straight we went back to the train station and put our big bags in a locker for the night. We traveled light to the hotel since we didn't need all that other stuff. Then we got on a subway going the wrong way. Came back to the station and I remembered that I had left the hotel confirmation in the locker. We had to open the locker and pay again to lock our stuff up, about $6 each time. Argh! Then we got on the subway going the wrong direction, again. Got going the right way finally. Got to our stop which was about two blocks from the hotel and made it there with about 2 seconds to spare before we missed the check in time.

Our room in Frankfurt was typical Hilton. Very nice with a great view on the park side of the building. Unfortunately, it did not come with the normal breakfast like every other Hilton. Worse yet, we didn't realize that until we had already eaten and were checking out the next morning. This Hilton came with a complimentary $6 drink for Diamond members since they couldn't upgrade my room. It was our fault for not checking to ensure we would not be charged, but breakfast the next morning was really the worst of all four hotels that we stayed at and cost us about $90. Yes, ninety dollars. We were in the "Wall Street" district, but that seems excessive to me.

We went out walking and looking for dinner and found the Pied Piper on the corner of a building.

A little further down the street and we found Romerberg, which is a central old city square that dates to the 14th century. The buildings were destroyed during WWII, but in this area they have been rebuilt. We asked the tourist info office for some information to figure out what we had found and he sold us a map of the area and sent us across the river to find some nice places for dinner.

We crossed Eiserner Steg (Iron) pedestrian bridge with St Bartholemeus's Cathedral in the background.

We had dinner at Claudia's in Old Sachsenhausen. Jaegerschnitzel and Raumschnitzel. Delicious, I forgot to get a picture, but it was Delicious.

Then we went back to the Romerberg for an ice cream. Well worth the effort.
Banana split and spaghetti ice. mmmmmm

Another Pegasus, seen from the glass elevator in the Hilton.

That was our visit to Frankfurt. We didn't intend to spend time there, but it all turned out okay. Even the overpriced breakfast. I dare them to send me a survey.

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