Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 15 Bamberg Sites

Well, I missed my last chance to go running in Germany. I should have gotten up to do it. Instead Billy and I walked to the Bakery and got some pastries. They were good too.
Later we went with Jen to check out the local sites. We had been here for two weeks and had seen them from a distance, but not up close. So we headed to Bamberg.
Our first stop was in front of the Bamberg Cathedral, built in 1237, is the final resting place of Pope Clement II. That fact alone seems to have saved Bamberg from much of the potential destruction during WWII.

We spent a little time in the rose gardens in the New Residence near the cathedral

and got our picture taken

From there we climbed up the hill to the visit Michaelsburg monastery built in the 12th century.

Opposite side view from Altenberg Castle
Altenburg was first mentioned in records dating from 1109. It overlooks the city of Bamberg and can be seen along the road from Erlau.

Viewed from the monastery
The Altenberg tower
bridge to Altenberg
inside defense wall and outside view
That was a trip to the sites. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed touching base with the local sites so that we can have been there. We ought to do that with more of our own local sites!

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