Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 12 Berlin Wall

Day 12
The Wall and Return
The next morning we had another great breakfast and then checked out and headed over to take a look at the East Side Gallery. During the years of separation the West side of the wall was covered in graffiti, some of which I got pictures of in '83. The East side of the wall was not touched with graffiti because it would have gotten people in trouble to express themselves in that way. When the wall came down a group of artists were allowed to display their visions of history and the coming changes on the East side of the wall. These are some of those pictures that have survived. Some look new or at least updated, but all are interesting.
This one shows Checkpoint Charlie and some famous kisses. this one shows the Brandenburg gate in 1980 that I show in a previous post. This is what I saw in 1983 compared to what is there now.

This one shows them tearing down the wall.
This one shows the celebration
This one shows the stream of people coming through the wall.
Dancing to Freedom
Left two are sad and the right two are glad
Prison being torn opne by peace
The end of the East Side Gallery looking back along the wall.

The end of the wall led us right to a train station so we went in and caught a train over to the main station and headed back to Bamberg.
Berlin Train Station claims to be the most modern in the world. Certainly was the most modern that we saw on our trip.

Castle along the rails somewhere
We got back to town earlier than expected, but that was OK. We were tired, but not too much so we couldn't go get a schnitzel and beer.

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