Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday's Twins

Today was Big Violet's day.
We have two goats named Violet.
One I named and one came to the farm with that name.
This one "is" older and taller than the other one.
But look at her. She just had twin boys and she is still big!
I shouldn't pick on her. She is a good Momma.
We haven't seen enough of them to come up with names yet.

Here is another look at Flower's twins.
We were finally able to verify they are both boys.
The white one we have named Frank. Not Francis, Frank.
The brown one is named Bishop.

Here we have Sunny's kids using her as a trampoline.
She doesn't seem to mind. They were having a great time and she was getting a good back rub. Also, either she doesn't know Tulip's baby, Fred, is behind her or doesn't mind the warm body on her butt. I think it is the latter.

In case you are keeping track.
We have six does kidding this month.
There is one left.
We now have 9 babies running around the goat lot.
The three girls are Apple, Lucy, and Little Bit.
The six boys are Rhubarb, Fred, Frank, Bishop, and two without names yet.

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