Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goat Babies Are Here

Last but not least, Little Violet's new Ace is here.
Last year she also had a boy with the same color other than the bit of white showing on this baby's front feet. Violet is my favorite and so is her baby.
He is barely old enough to stand. 
Momma was getting some grain while Ace practiced balancing.

Here our two bottle babies are hanging out with FabHub.
They are doing good on cow's milk and egg for protein.
That might seem odd, but it worked pretty well last year.
We still have two of those girls and they are pretty healthy. 

Here are some of the new kids showing us how to take a nap. 
Find a sunny dry spot, curl up, and tuck your nose in.

Today's Spring forecast is for rain, sleet, and snow.
The sunny dry spot will be hard to find, but they will probably be just like us and stay inside or under the building all day. 
We have three more girls. One should kid in a month and two will probably have Fall babies. That will be new for us. We will have grown chickens by then too, so it will all be quite exciting I am sure.

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