Friday, March 15, 2013

First Baby 2013

Sunny won the "who is going to deliver first" race.
If I remember correctly Tyson was giving her a good chase back in October.
This is her first baby for the year.
His name is Rhubarb.
Because he was born on Pi day of course!
I told him his name today, he said we couldn't make him do Math.
Nope, not going to happen.
He would be willing to eat the Rhubarb though.
I told him no, that would not be good for him.

This is his sister Apple.
Still Pi day.
She had FabHub worried last night.
We have discovered that the second one is usually smaller and takes a little more time to get their feet organized under them. Which means it takes a little longer to get their first meal.
He decided she needed some help, which caused a few trips to the goat house last night.

Everybody was fine this morning.
And now they are up running around causing Sunny to spend extra time eyeballing the dogs.

In the goat house last night while little sister was figuring out the meal plan, 
Rhubarb met his daddy, Tyson. 
And then Daddy and the rest of the goats abandoned the goat house for the night.
Apple is noisy. She hollered every time Sunny moved.
I think the rest of the herd opted to stay outside and save their hearing.

I was expecting more babies when I got home today. That didn't happen.
With our luck the next ones will be born after 4 pm again.
And FabHub has a school function so I will be babysitting.
I cleaned the goat house just in case.
Wish us luck. Come on over and hug a goat.

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