Sunday, March 17, 2013


The science teacher at Pike View Middle School had an idea that FabHub thought would be great project for the kids. Let's incubate some baby chickens. She got the incubator and just to make it really interesting we got the chicks from a friend who has a bunch of different types of chickens. 
36 eggs went into the incubator.
After candling them 23 were expected to have something in them.
They started hatching on Friday the 15th.
We went over this weekend to check on them and found this.
An incubator full of chicks!
Fourteen of them to be exact.

We got them out of there and into their temporary fish tank home. 
They seemed impressed.

Then we got the feeder, water, and heat lamp all setup.
The incubator had been 100 degrees. The classroom was not that warm.
After a bit they started moving around to get the water and food.

We went back to the incubator and found another one had hatched.
That green egg has also got a chick working its way out.
The other seven will get a couple more days. It is sort of hard to tell.

This chick seems to have something to say about that -
"Not another one! We are already crowded in here!"
Don't worry, there is a bigger house on the way.

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